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The dazzling world of Fancy Colored Diamonds

The Victoria Ring with its interchangeable band, the Hope Diamond, the Heart of the Ocean and the contemporary award-winning design Venus ring are examples of the magnificent fancy blue
Out of the reach of many, fancy colored diamonds have always been in the popular imaginary as objects only royals could possibly own. In fact, if you ask around, probably 9 out 10 people will say they did not even know they existed. According to them, a diamond is only a diamond if it is as white as one can be, and perhaps will even tell you how the D to Z color chart works.

Impressive? Quite not. It takes a true connoisseur to know that although white diamonds are extremely rare and sough after gems, colored diamonds take things to a whole new level. Aside their exquisite beauty, their extreme level of rarity also sets the bar: affected by chemical impurities and/or structural defects is what gives their distinctive color, and only a handful of them are mined every year compared to thousands of carats of white diamonds.

Haven’t quite got the time picture yet? Think about 1997’s epic Titanic and its crown jewel – The Heart of the Ocean! Yes, that’s right, the iconic masterpiece, despite being fictional, was said to be fashioned from a large blue diamond worn by Louis XVI on his royal crown.

The diamond was cut into a heart shape and became known as The Heart of the Ocean. Its story is similar to the story of the Hope Diamond, except the Hope was actually worn by Louis XIV in a royal necklace. It sits now on the largest diamond exhibition at the Smithsonian museum.

All said and you may ask me, so, Lucas, how do I do to add such rare diamonds to my collection since they are so highly valuable? Well I have the answer for you, but prepare yourself to be amazed: you can own these unique gemstones for a fraction of their cost. I’ll explain: several years ago a lot of diamonds were being mined, and however, despite having color, could not be considered gem quality or had enough strong color to be put in the market.

Diamond manufacturers, predicting a high demand for these gemstones in the near future started to create methods to bring out their color, since then trapped into the gem. Sophia Fiori, one of the purveyors of the colored diamond market, further developed this technology and patented their own HPHT process, or High Pressure, High Temperature.

In a nutshell, the process consists of applying pressure and heat to the stone, mimicking the process that mother mature would have done itself if there was enough time before these diamonds started to cool down while being formed millions of years ago. Once the process is completed, they select the finest colors to be featured on the largest collection of fancy colored diamonds ever available to the public. People like you and me can nowadays own these gems before exclusive to royals.
And there you have it ladies (and gentleman)!! In a world of white, you can stand out and be seen as a beacon of elegance and good taste without braking the bank!

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