Art On Cruise Ships

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A glimpse of what your next cruise vacation can offer at no extra cost

Have you ever considered going on a cruise ship to appreciate the art onboard? That is definitely not a common thought amongst cruiser’s very anticipated vacation since the first thing in mind are pristine waters, exotic destinations, food and entertainment.

We must all agree that cruise ships themselves are a work of art, since a ship’s project and construction can take up to 8 years, consuming an impressive amount of resources and man power, turning this floating marvels wonders of engineering.

Once you are onboard, however, no matter what cruise line or ship you chose, you’ll be surrounded by impressive works of art from renowned artists world around.

These works of art are carefully chosen between thousands of artists from around the globe, and will most likely reflect the characteristics of the cruise line and the purpose or “theme” of the vessel itself. Modern ships from Royal Caribbean such as the new Quantum Class ships or Oasis Class Harmony of the Seas will feature contemporary, young and in many cases intriguing works, which only a guided art tour – available on several of these vessels – will help you to figure out the creator’s idea and its mysteries behind the glass, some of which will require your own input for the work of art to come alive. Take as an example Anthem’s Light Construction, inspired by Nikola Tesla’s power experiments, where you need to use the static electricity from your hands to change the frequency of the light bulbs, reducing and increasing their current thus creating a magical light show above your head.

Transitioning between every lounge or “neighborhood” of these ships as they call is bound to be a different experience evoking all your senses – from the colors, lights and smell to the sounds of birds or chimes – you will feel transported to a different world without even noticing, but certainly by immersed on sense of awe.
Cruise companies spend a great amount of time to make it all available to their guests in order to enhance their cruise vacation – but still in my opinion it’s one of the most overlooked features of these floating hotels. Perhaps we became accustomed to wrongly define what art is and overlook it, from the design of buildings in our home town to public spaces such as fountains and squares.
That reminds me from when I moved to NYC to study jewelry design, and even having visited the city several times, it wasn’t until I had to develop a collection on my favorite style, Art Deco, that something clicked on my mind and made me realize I was living on the golden egg nest of that same style. Paying attention to details made me fall in love with the Flatiron Building, serving me further to develop my graduation collection inspired on its facade.
All said, take note and make the most out of your next cruise experience by taking advantage of the art offered onboard: you will discover a completely different facet of art. My top tip? A late night stroll around the ship while everybody sleeps. If it doesn’t impress you much, at least it will make for a great selfie with nobody around.

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