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The lavish world of cruise line’s private islands

Whenever we think about cruising, the image of clear blue waters and sandy beaches to soak up in the sun is implied. Offering hundreds of different itineraries to many of the several islands in the Caribbean, cruise lines are always bound to display a great amount of beauty when taking vacationeers to the warm waters on the islands.

We can always think of places such as St. Maarten or St. Thomas, popular islands surrounded by magnificent bays, beaches and cays, but these islands can sometimes be more crowded than what we think, looking nothing like the blissful pictures we see online or on their catalogs. Some of these islands in fact, received up to 6 ships a day, what in modern ship’s capacity can translate into to 30.0000 people rushing around between souvenir shopping, tours or just a simple walk to the beach.

What a lot of cruise passengers don’t know, however, is that major cruise lines own their private islands around the caribbean, and offer on their itineraries a full-day stop at these locations where most certainly only one cruise ship will be docking at a time. The experience is an extension of the onboard service and offer several perks ranging from water parks to private cabanas with in-room service. The islands are not crowded, so guests can go off and relax in their own private paradise since most of them have several beaches and different areas, including areas for kids and families.

During your call to the island you can expect to have enough food, drinks, sun and fun. Islands such as Labadee, in Haiti, where Royal Caribbean ships make call, have plenty to offer when it comes to activities. One of my favorites is the longest over water zip-line in the world, named Dragon’s Breath. Quite an exhilarating view from up there while a thrilling way down takes place.
Buffet lunch is also served. Called Royal Beach BBQ it offers a range of meats, burgers and hot-dogs on different parts of the island.
My favorite part however is to be able to book a private cabana. Ranging from $200 to $500, depending on the location, you will be given a full-service oasis with your own butler. Soft drinks and food are included on the price, and you have available a private restaurant and several exclusive cocktails to put you right in island mood.

Also, some of the islands offer shops with local souvenirs and even post offices to send that lovely post-card that will make those back home envy of your day. All of that will come with hassle-free pay since your expenses should be payed with your ship’s card.

With all said it’s not difficult to wonder why cruise lines are expanding their calls to these magnificent islands and even adding up to their itineraries, with the likes of Royal Caribbean putting available to their passengers calls at CocoCay, before exclusive to their sister company Celebrity Cruises.Whatever your choice of

Whatever your choice of cruise line is, make sure that for your next vacation you check out an itinerary that includes the company’s private island if available, and you are bound to have a very exclusive experience different from the sometimes chaotic Caribbean (if there is such a thing).

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